Field Equipment

Tanktel can supply remote terminal units (RTU's) that can monitor either 2 or 6 analogue inputs simultaneously. These units transmit data via the Telstra mobile network and can provide live readings* of the current levels or throughput of any device that is connected.

Our latest rtu, the IP6, has replaced our original IP5 rtu that hads been our staple unit for many years, with hundreds of proven reliable installations across Australia & New Zealand. The new IP6 rtu unit is compact, DIN mountable and 4G capable.

Our remote monitoring equipment is always designed for easy instrallation in mind. Both the IP2, and new IP6 rtu's are robust and simple to install.

Not everyone needs six inputs, so we designed an even more affordable two channel rtu. The IP2. This rtu is suitable for sites that only require the monitoring of 1 or 2 silos or tanks. It is an easy to install unit that requires no specialised knowledge. Basically it is as easy as plug'n'play.

*Live reading are done using our "UPDATE" now feature on the registered subscribers logon.


All our RTU's (remote terminal units) communicate with the Tanktel server via the mobile data network. This elimates the need for landlines and greatly increases the speed of manual data refreshes. 

Tanktel also offer Ultrasonic level sensors that can be supplied pre-programmed which reduces down time usually required for installation and calibration .

These sensors are easy to install and are suitable for almost all liquids and semi solids, including caustic and pelletised product.
Pre-programmed & ready to use:

Our telemetry units are provided ready to go.
On site installation can be easily performed by an instrument electrician with no specialised knowledge.  We handle all the commissioning remotely!


Why not see it for yourself? Try the  limited live demo of our web interface right here.

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