Managed monitoring 

Tanktel Pty Ltd provides a fully managed service for remote live monitoring of  tank or silo levels. This allows your supply business (if required) to run a Vendor Managed Inventory Service (VMI) at very affordable prices. The perfect solution for planning logistics and reducing unnecessary deliveries. All that is required is for your storage vessel to have either, load cells, radar, ultrasonic or any other level sensor that has a 4-20mA output. Our telemetry hardware will connect to any of these devices and transmit live data.

It's also perfect for manufacturers or producers who store different products from multiple suppliers. You can restrict access to allow viewing of only the silo/s of raw materials that each supplier provides.
For example, you may have 6 silos with 3 different raw materials. You have three suppliers providing different materials for your process. You allow remote monitoring of only the silos you want a particular supplier to see. You have complete control.

Tanktel browser

What can we offer?

  • An easy to view and learn interface
  • Monitor 1 to 100's of bulk silos per site.
  • Do all the data acquisition, storage and backup of telemetry data.
  • Assist with setting up a polling schedule that best suits your business model.
  • Provide you with a unique and secure login to the web browser interface.
  • All you have to do is use a web enabled device, go to our web site and view all the information you need.
  • All your site data, trend displays, usage data etc. will be right there for you.
  • You can initiate 'on demand' updates to receive real time level data.
  • Use the power of trending and level history data to plan more efficient use of transport.
  • We charge you an annual fee per site which covers everything (plus data plan costs if applicable).
  • Level, flow, temperature, pressure can all be monitored if required. 
  • Partner now with Tanktel for your monitoring solutions.

Sample screenshots from our secured monitoring site

Site level indicators
View all silos or tanks on a site
this screen shows all monitored assets at a particular site

View alarm set points, latest polled level, get a live update. Clickable indicators that can show even more detail of each asset.

Tank status and trend
Individual tank/silo status
this screen shows detailed information for a particular asset

By default it will show the trend for the past 21 days. You can search for a level for a specific date and even show approx. time until empty based on 21 day usage.

Trend report - Silo Usage
Exportable trend reports
Select date ranges to display or export to a .CSV file

If you use the order and delivery part of the site, you will see the latest order information. Utilise you SAP to export your deliveries and orders to the telemetry site.

Site Overview

All site overview
This view will show ALL of your monitored sites and assets

You'll see the latest scheduled poll levels, whether there are alarm notifications, or if the site is having technical difficulties with their monitoring. These are just a few of the features available to registered users. A site monitoring subscription allows you to allocate as many registered users as you require.

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