Sugar case study

Live remote level monitoring in bulk sugar silos virtually eliminates futile deliveries. Customer now monitors all sites which improved client/customer relations and substantial freight and spoilage savings.

Manufacturing of Confectionary

Mining site level monitoring case study

Remote monitoring of Xanthate levels, flow, and temperature at a remote mine-site in WA... Improves safety at the site around chemical silos, savings with better logistics management.

Mine-site mining benefits

Monitoring Polypropylene pellets for pipe making

Live level monitoring for consignment supply of polypropylene pellets to a major manufacturer who produces pipes...greatly reduced transportation costs with less frequent silo refills.

Consignment stock reconciliation

Hydrogen Peroxide monitoring
H2O2 mine-site monitoring

Real-time level measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) for Peroxide Assisted Leach (PAL) of Gold ore and effluent treatment. Having reduced deliveries to site also had the added benefit of less human interaction with dangerous chemicals at each site, thus enhancing OH&S outcomes.

Mining Benefits

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