What Our Valued Customers Say

“BASF have been using Tanktel services for many years. The service from Tanktel has always been first rate, and most appreciated.
The benefits we see in using Tanktel as our telemetry provider are:

• We differentiate ourselves from competitors in providing this service.
• It aids both companies in simplifying supply logistics and avoids potential needless deliveries.
• Allowing us to run VMI, it saves frustration for both parties. There are no mixed messages out there!
• With live tank levels visible to whoever we nominate via mobile phone or computer, both our customers and our internal customer service staff have full visibility of stock at that customer.

Our view is that we only need to avoid one or two needless deliveries per year, and Tanktel largely pays for itself!
Low cost and high benefit, Tanktel telemetry services are an integral part of our offering to key customers.” 


"Sugar Australia rely on Tanktel to monitor our customer's silos and to minimise futile deliveries to our customers.

Information is real time and our dispatch teams and carriers can check the levels at our customers silos before dispatching trucks to their sites.

Rob from Tanktel is always responsive and goes above and beyond to manage any of our, or our customer queries in regard to monitoring customers silo levels."

Sugar Australia

To keep our clients stocked with polypropylene pellets, we dabbled in our own in-house recording system with limited success until we found Tanktel, and it has revolutionised our management of client's stock.

Our clients can monitor their own sites and our contractors also monitor all sites. Before Tanktel, incorrect or untimely silo readings were a part of life, as they are for anyone. These caused downtime for our clients and caused wastage for us. Now we can continually monitor all our sites each having 2,3 or more silos.

The data is live, and the system records all information and plots valuable trends. Re-order levels are used by our contractors to initiate shipments, and our clients don't need to initiate anything. We have eliminated down time for them, eliminated unnecessary deliveries for us, and even our sales force are using the reports to better understand and service our clients’ needs. Our clients are, no surprise, completely delighted”


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