Tank & Silo Monitoring Solutions

Tanktel is a leader in the field in the supply of remote monitoring for tanks and silos. Regardless of what your tank or silo contains, we are able to provide data based on your preferred polling schedule. Alternatively get your latest levels by requesting an update at any time using our Refresh Now feature. It's as easy as logging onto our password secured website.


Advantages of using the Tanktel monitoring system are many:

No need to purchase expensive software or have concerns about the cost of upgrading. All that is required is a web browser connected to the internet to view your data.

Our remote terminal units (RTU's) are capable of accepting 4-20mA inputs or 0-10V and convert them into meaningful data. Be it for level, temperature, flow, volume or mass. 

FTP upload option. No additional hardware required. Just port your data to our server to allow access to important level data. Suppliers, transport companies and staff can readily access levels to ensure there is never a stockout situation.  

Tanktel is an inexpensive way to manage yours & your customers' inventory.

Reign in those expensive transport costs by pushing product on a "just in time" basis to your customers.

Monitor 1 to 100's of sites and view them ALL via an easy to use web interface. Tank farms are ideal for the Tanktel system.

Perfect for contract compliance where the need to maintain sufficient inventory is paramount.     

Unlike many other companies who may provide a simple level indicator service, Tanktel offers a COMPLETE solution to better manage product inventory. It is the ideal solution for tank and silo VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) 

Contact us to see how you can easily discover the benefits of remote monitoring using the Tanktel Telemetry System. 

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